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Peace and profit come from good group decisions

If it is truly a GOOD group decision then peace and profit will result. Both. All the time. Craig explains in this 3-minute video.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

In my view a good group decision is one that results in peace and profit. Both. All the time. Here’s what I mean. Now we know the technical term for profit in a for-profit corporate setting is “income over expenses.” Income being good things — I’m being really simplistic here — expenses being bad things; more good things happen then bad things happen. The bottom line is positive. But this word profit — the way I mean it — also translates into a nonprofit sector informal setting and it still means that basically more good things happen than bad things happen. As a result of the good group decision, the group is better off over the long run for the most people.

Now in a for-profit setting, profit is measured by financial success. In a nonprofit setting, profit is measured in terms of mission impact. It might be that more good things are happening, but it might also be the slowing down of a bad trend. One way or another, the group is better off. The group as a whole is better off as a result of the decision.

But good decisions also result in peace, and by this I mean that the members of the group get along with each other better. They are better equipped to go into the next group decision without conflict and in a peaceful way. Now I don’t mean to tell you that as a result of every good group decision, everything is peace and love and hunky-dory. But I do believe that when it’s a good group decision, the group moves incrementally towards peace rather than away from peace.

This happens as a result of the actual decision, but it also happens as a result of the process. In good group decision making processes people get to know each other, they understand each other, and as a result they get along with each other better.

Not only do people within the group get along with each other better, but this particular group is apt to get along better with other groups. Good group decisions are not the type of decision where one group prospers at the expense of another group, because when that happens it is a setup for conflict later. Good group decisions result in peace not just among people with in the group but also between this group and other groups.

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