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Positive feedback

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In principle, positive feedback is like rocket fuel. It propels one forward in the direction already headed. Negative feedback is like a brake. Both positive and negative feedback can be very helpful, especially when invited. Gas pedals and brakes work really well. Zero feedback might provide selfish strategic advantage but is little help to others.

Practical Tip: If you agree with what someone is saying or approve of what someone is doing, the best way to get them to say or do more is to provide positive feedback. Tell them. And it need not be with fanfare or fireworks or even written or spoken; a nod or a smile can ignite forward momentum.

If someone is talking in front of a group or acting on behalf of a group we can’t expect them to say or do positive things in the absence of positive feedback. It’s very inefficient to expect someone to figure out, with zero feedback, what would meet our approval. Want efficiency and stellar performance? Provide positive feedback.

– Craig Freshley

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  1. Craig – I find your email tips to be really good reminders. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

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