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In principle, group decisions are creations and often benefit from recreation. When the group gets stuck it helps to take a break, call a recess, change perspective, and then come at it again. Engage in recreation.

Fun is often underrated in group decision making. Who says you can’t have fun while making good group decisions? I say that having fun helps make better decisions.

Practical Tip: Work hard together, play hard together. Get to know each other off topic and off site. Do fun, physical activities. Even on topic and on site, build in breaks and games to shake up the focus and encourage creativity.

When your creation seems stalled, try recreation.

– Craig Freshley

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3 thoughts on “Recreation

  1. I have seen the power of play help the working relationships
    move forward. In our staff meetings, we try to build in one fun activity
    that’s usually pretty silly. Laughing together is important.

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