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In principle, every story is an interpretation. The storyteller always gets to decide how the story gets told. You might call it “spin” or “take on it.” And every story can be reinterpreted by the players who are in it and by those who hear or learn about it.

Reinterpreting our stories allows us to rewrite history and that can be a good thing.

Changing or ignoring the facts is never wise but looking at the facts in new ways, from new points of view, allows us to learn and understand and make peace with the facts.

Practical Tip: When in pain or conflict, as an individual or as a group, try to look at what happened in a new way. Accept the facts but consider multiple interpretations, other ways to look at it. Discuss with others. Learn to tell the story differently.

Reinterpreting our stories can bring peace.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Reinterpretation

  1. Another way to tell a story is to change the voice center, ex: telling a story from the intellectual vs an emotional body can change a story & it’s delivery dramatically or to even tell the story from an inanimate objects viewpoint – these new lenses offer a holistic approach to one’ story – Connecting with another person’s story increases understanding, knowledge and perspective (as you pointed out).The power of connection through story still remains the most intimate and powerful way of communication with others.

  2. I am preparing a presentation on community engagement and this seems to fit the challenge so well, Too often great movements get caught up in past events. Equally often, no one remembers the reason behind the negative impressions. This message will become a key element in that presentation to bring participants to the “now.”
    I always look forward to receiveing these relavant “truths .”

  3. This reminded me of the old adage that there are always three versions of every story…your version, my version and the truth.
    I like to remain aware that each person will relay their version of an incident in a manner that sheds the most favorable light directly on them.

    Thanks for keeping these coming.

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