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In principle, groups are apt to make better decisions when they do so with a sense of reverence; that is, when they are serious and focused, when group members feel that something special is happening, when there is extra respect for the moment and for each other. Reverence is associated with a sense of humility; a sense that there is more happening here than I alone can comprehend or control. Indeed that’s the thing about group decisions. It’s about more than just me.

Practical Tip: Instill reverence into your group decision making. Be fully present. Show respect for your group process and for each other.

Some groups instill reverence by beginning meetings with a pledge or a prayer or at least a call to order. Other groups instill reverence by meeting in a special place or wearing deliberate clothes or using formal speech or titles. Other signs of reverence are listening without interruption and turning off cell phones and other distractions.

Reverence is an outward showing of inward feelings of respect. To be reverent is to signal others that one is focused and serious, doing something special, that one is humble: all qualities that help chances of making good group decisions.

You might make group decisions without any sense of reverence, but then how does anyone know that the decision is to be taken seriously?

– Craig Freshley

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  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful tip – and so well formulated! You are so full of wisdom and generous with your tips. Thank you!

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