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Role of the Chair Person

In this short video Craig describes two types of leaders. Which type are you?

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Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody! Hey it’s Craig Freshley here. I heard a story in a meeting too good not to tell.

This guy just joined a new group. He was trying to fit in. He came back from the bathroom and learned that he had been elected group chair person. At first he was upset but then he started thinking to himself, “Hmm. Group Chair Person. Okay, well I’ll get to feel important. I’ll get to like, tell people what to do; boss people around. I’ll get all the girls.” And he sat through the rest of the meeting quietly.

Afterwards he asked somebody, “So, what are the responsibilities of the chair person anyway?” “Oh yeah, well the group chair person is the one who comes an hour early makes the coffee and sets up all the chairs.”

There’s two kinds of leaders. There is the kind of leader that wants to command people and command respect, and there’s the kind of leader that wants to serve people and serve the group cause.

Which kind of leader do you want to be? The one that bosses people around and gets all the girls or the one that makes sure each person has a seat at the table that every group member is fully supported.

Thanks for listen everybody. I hope this helps you help your group make good decisions.

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