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Say it with a sign

On site at a meeting with people milling around and writing comments on the wall, Craig whips out his camera and gives a quick tip on how to say something to everyone without interrupting them.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody! Hey it’s Craig Freshley here. I’m at a meeting.

Look at all these people putting their comments on the wall, giving feedback to the Lewiston School Department. Now look, here’s a little trick. When you want to get the attention of a group like this who’s busy; I could get on the microphone and interrupt everybody, but I can also make a sign. And I can walk around and show all these little groups of people my sign and convey the information without interrupting them.

Okay, we got five minutes left. I’ve got to run around with my sign. Thanks for letting me bring you this quick little tip. I hope you make good group decisions.

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