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Self Evident

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In principle, the best decisions are made when the answer is self-evident to everyone. When a group of reasonable people have a shared goal and they freely share information about the current situation and options for achieving that goal, they are very likely to come to a shared conclusion about what to do.

When the decision making process allows all participants to see all the evidence, the right thing to do reveals itself.

Practical Tip: Do not lead a group to a pre-established conclusion but rather provide opportunity and structure to consider and analyze all views. Be open to all possibilities and openly share all relevant information.

If you really want the best decision for the group as a whole, evidence-gathering may take a while: many conversations, several meetings, time for individual processing.

If there is not enough time, decide only as much as you have good information to support. Guessing, gambling, or rushing to judgment often causes more problems later.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Self Evident

  1. This tip is clearly stated and will certainly help people find the right solution to their group’s challenges. Well done!

  2. Greetings Graig – well said. Thinking of you the other day regarding these thoughts:

    The way to truth is to honestly set out on the table all fears & misgivings… here a new perspective can be looked at thus making way for a truthful direction in decision making…

  3. Often we work off of artificial deadlines which lead us to temporary fixes. A thoughtful process leads to better relationships, long lasting victories and not having to revisit issues as often as we would if we rushed through without bringing everyone on board.

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