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Small goals

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In principle, nothing breeds success like success. Achieving few or small goals provides motivation for achieving more and bigger goals. When there is a gap between a goal and achieving it, one way to close the gap is to improve ability but another way is to make the goal smaller.

“What do you say to the team?” I asked the coach of young hockey players about to lose their seventh game in a row. “You give them small goals,” he replied, “Things they can achieve other than winning the game. Things like more shots on goal or more successful passes than in the last game.”

Practical Tip: When it looks like your group is underachieving, when morale is down, establish achievable goals and get some successes under your belt. No matter how small the victory, see what it feels like to win.

Sometimes it is okay to move the bar down. Get over it. Boost morale. Move the bar back up later.

– Craig Freshley

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2 thoughts on “Small goals

  1. The short piece this morning about setting small goals was a great reminder
    for me to do the same for my own development. Nothing breeds succeess like success.

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