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Stakeholders at the table

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In principle, stakeholders are those who have a significant stake in a particular decision; that is, they stand to win a lot, lose a lot, or they are in a position to significantly help or hinder implementation of the decision. If stakeholders don’t participate in making the decision, chances are it won’t be a good one.

Having all stakeholders “at the table” for decision making can be very challenging but it paves the way for smooth implementation. When stakeholders don’t participate in decision making, there is a good chance they will work against decision implementing.

Practical Tip: At the outset, identify stakeholders and invite their input. For the really key stakeholders, actively encourage participation, even insist on their input.

If your group is deciding something that only some other person or group can implement, that other person or group should have an opportunity to influence the decision.

It is very helpful when stakeholders at least bless the decision-making process and agree to honor it.

– Craig Freshley

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