Strategic Planning

Craig - policy prioritiesBoard members and staff of high functioning organizations are busy people. It’s hard to find time for in-depth strategic planning. We have designed a one-day format to help busy people and their organizations consider strategic issues and draft a plan with maximum efficiency.

We can do multiple shorter sessions if your group cannot get away for a whole day, or longer multi-day sessions if your group wishes to spend more than one day on strategic planning.

Often in advance of strategic planning sessions, we survey board members, staff, stakeholders, and/or customers to help decision makers understand deeper views and wider perspective on the issues. We can conduct focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and written surveys to gather input.

A strategic planning process often is helpful to organizations who are considering a merger, formal collaboration or partnership.

For your investment of time and money, here’s what you get:

– Shared understanding of major issues facing your organization
– Shared appreciation for the environment in which your organization operates
– Clarity on what distinguishes your organization from others
– Clear sense of where the organization is heading and specifics on how to get
– Enthusiasm for working together to achieve common goals
– Specific “to do” lists to begin implementation immediately
…and a written Strategic Plan.

In most cases, shortly after your strategic planning session, we will provide you with a Draft Strategic Plan based entirely on information shared and decisions made during the session. You will have an opportunity to review and edit the plan and then we will prepare a final version suitable for internal and external publication, as you like. The plan will be well-written, well-organized, and nicely-formatted.