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Strong Decisions Vs. Weak Decisions

What’s the difference between a strong decision and a weak decision? Craig explains. It has to do with helping others. Or not. It’s really simple.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody. Hey it’s Craig Freshley here.

I was at a conference a couple of days ago and I heard a speaker named David Rabiner. I was speaking at the same conference but David went first so I got to hear him. And he talked about strong decisions versus weak decisions. And he explained that the difference is that strong decisions help other people; weak decisions help yourself.

Weak decisions are made out of self interest. Often based in fear; fear that my reputation might get damaged, that I might get found out, that something bad might happen to me. Whereas strong decisions are made for the good of the group, the good of my community; are made in the best interests of other people.

Now David didn’t talk about this but I got to wondering why did he use the terms strong and weak rather than good and bad or effective and ineffective. And I’m thinking that maybe it’s because when you make a strong decision — a decision that comes from a place of wanting to help others — others are apt to like that type of decision. Whereas if you make a weak decision — a decision designed to give me an advantage over other people — other people aren’t so likely to like that decision.

When I make a weak decision it’s kind of like me against everyone else. But when I make a strong decision, I get the strength of others believing in, and benefiting from, that decision. It makes it stronger.

Look, decision-making is hard. It’s hard to know the right thing to do. It’s even harder to make a choice between multiple right things to do. So it’s really refreshing to have some simple guidance. Strong decision: helps other people. Weak decision: all about me.

Thanks for listening everybody. And here’s hoping that you and your group make strong decisions.


One thought on “Strong Decisions Vs. Weak Decisions

  1. I chatted with David Rabiner about this after I made the video.

    He explained that strong decisions are based on strong values, led primarily by “service”, but also other strong values such as honesty and compassion. Weak decisions are based on weak values, led primarily by “fear” and “selfishness.”

    He also explained that the primary challenge is accurately determining if a decision is strong or weak. For example, someone may choose not to tell a difficult truth based on what they think is “compassion,” when in fact, there is a “fear” factor that he or she is not in touch with.

    Thanks for these clarifications and additional thoughts David!

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