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Talks and Training are the Fall Focus

I am blessed with more work coming in than I can handle. I turn away a lot. Demand is running high right now.

Yet it’s critical work. It’s helping groups resolve conflicts. It’s helping groups prevent mishaps. It’s helping groups make good decisions about our environment, healthcare, education, and farmland. It’s helping people understand each other and make peace across differences.

So I’ve decided to focus on talks and training for the Fall and Winter of 2022. I want to build capacity in others. The world needs more facilitators to do this critical work. Maine needs more facilitators. More group facilitation skills are not gonna hurt anyone in any role!

I’m currently designing a multi-day facilitation course to be offered in the Fall, I’m also working on some other new training sessions. If you were hoping for me to facilitate your Fall board retreat, you might be out of luck. But if you want to book some Fall training, let’s talk.

My new book Together We Decide comes out in September, so this is another natural reason to pivot to Talks and Training for the Fall. There’s a lot in the book that I want to talk about! And train you on.

Thank you for understanding and supporting my choice to ramp down facilitation and ramp up training. To help make more facilitators. At least that’s the plan.

6 thoughts on “Talks and Training are the Fall Focus

  1. Thanks to Kym, Sue, Rob, Marcia, and Joyce for these wonderfully encouraging comments. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Yes, this sounds like a fabulous focus for you right now Craig! I look forward to hearing more and am hoping to participate in some facilitator skill building with you if my Fall travels allow. Cheers to all you do to make our world a wiser, better place!

  3. Craig, I’m glad to see you leverage what you know by “training the trainers”! This makes sense and is good for the world.

    I want to share with you that I am moving now from free book talks to paid speaking engagements and workshops. My focus is on advocacy, organizing and climate. There may be some overlap with the requests you are getting for facilitation. How about we have coffee or a phone conversation to discuss? What do you think?

  4. Craig, whatever you provide any group is of value! Your insights and skills will be a much needed model for effective discourse and decision making. We wish you all the best —-and stay in touch!

  5. This is a great development Craig! I look forward to the opportunity to deepen these skills. Thanks for having the vision to include others in a broader mission.

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