Team Building

One of the most effective ways to build a team is to work together as a team in a stuctured environment and then talk about it. It’s called “experiential learning.”    

Craig offers a number of team building challenges whereby a team is given a specific challenge, given some tools and some rules, and is then left to work as a team on achieving the goal. That’s the fun part!

Craig - team building - outside

The learning part comes when we talk about it. Craig encourages the group to take a good look at themselves via a facilitated discussion around questions such as:

What did we see happening?
Why was that happening?
How is that like real life?
How can we use this in real life?


We offer team challenges designed to address specific purposes, such as:

– Improving communications
– Increasing trust
– Clarifying roles and expectations
– Getting to know each other better

We can simply come and do an hour or more of team challenges (what a nice change of pace for your group!), or we could intermingle team challenges into a long meeting or retreat.

We have all the props and are able to run team challenges in virtually any space (although some restrictions apply.) For more adventurous groups, we have a partnership with Camp Kieve on Damariscotta Lake whereby we can arrange for team challenges on their low ropes course, high ropes course, or their other “outdoor classrooms.”

Team building inside - rolesIn any event, we want to first understand the issues that you want to address and we will then suggest one or more activities to meet the specific need. We also want to make sure that we choose a team challenge that is a good fit with your group’s culture and abilities.

Even if your group already works well together, team building sessions can pave the way for continued success and help new members get to know each other better.

Team building challenges are a great way to “get out of the box,” have fun together, and learn new ways to build a great team.

You might also be interested in our Training Seminars on effective collaboration, conflict management, and better meetings.

Give us a call to discuss your goals and challenges. We would be happy to suggest some ideas and provide a cost estimate.