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Different views

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In principle, how things look depends on where you sit. It’s not that one is right and one is wrong, simply that the views are different.

In hierarchical relationships, the person or group at the top has a wider view than the people or groups below. The supervisor considers many things of relative importance at a high level. The subordinate considers fewer things in greater detail. Even though the views may seemingly disagree, each is doing their job, seeing things from their proper perspective.

In other relationships too, our viewpoints are different by design. Tension and initial disagreement are expected. Good group decisions result when we consider all the different views, work out the tension, and identify what’s best for the group as a whole.

Practical Tip: Rather than spend energy arguing which view is correct, assume that all views are correct. Use all available perspectives to better understand what you are looking at.

Ask group members to say how it is for them, how things look from where they sit. Ask people outside the group, “What does it look like from out there?” Listen without judgment.

If you are asked to give your view, offer it without expectation that it will prevail. Speak for yourself, from your own perspective. Humbly offer a piece of the puzzle to help create the larger picture.

– Craig Freshley

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5 thoughts on “Different views

  1. Expressed”opinions” /”views”, whether in hierarchical or consensual settings, are not inevitably or always of “equal” value, since while “all views are equal, some are more equal than others”- the respective “value” an opinion carries will depend on the (often)verifiable accuracy of the “facts” on which that “opinion” is based, used integrally with the level of consciousness enjoyed ( see Ken Wilber et alia) by the person expressing it. However, long live consensus! (And, it will stand a better chance of survival if when and as overall levels of consciousness rise.(see Eckhart Tolle))

  2. I like that info. It gives a nice perspective of a heirarchal system. I would be careful about “assume all views are correct”. It’s a nice thought, but not necessarily true. I would say instead that views are different and not necessarily “correct” (or incorrect). I also try to live by “Make no assumptions.” There is usually more to a picture than meets the eye.

  3. “In hierarchical relationships, the person or group at the top has a wider view than the several people or groups below.”
    And yet, they are often the most narrow-minded. Some would call it focused…

  4. oh if this were only adhered too there would be fewer hard feelings and better working relationships.I have listened and continue to learn. Thanks for the reminder!

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