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About Craig’s Good Group Tips


Everyone loves a good tip. I am delighted to offer free downloads of hundreds of Good Group Tips, created from the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years as I’ve worked with groups of all types.

Each of the Tips is a quick one-page read that addresses a variety of challenging situations. They cover topics ranging from Conflict Prevention to Group Technique to Efficiency and Communication.

Many of these Tips also appear in my book, The Wisdom of Group Decisions: 100 Principles and Practical Tips for Collaboration.

Here at the blog you can sort through the Tips by topic (see links at left) and download PDFs of your favorites. You can use these common-sense Tips to guide your team meetings, as a daily reminder, or to inspire your group.

I hope the Tips help improve the dynamics of your group decision making and generate productive, results-driven communication. Put the Tips to work for your group today!

And please share your own comments, stories, and feedback. We all learn from each other!

– Craig Freshley

2 thoughts on “About Craig’s Good Group Tips

  1. I have been following your Good Group Tips since 2008 and I must say that I enjoy them each time I get them in my Inbox. I would like to say thank you for that and keep them coming…

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