Help your Students Be Better Leaders

Hello, I’m Michael Pancook. I’m here attending the NASPA conference in Boston, representing Good Group Decisions, a non-profit organization that promotes collaborative decision-making. During my career working with community organizations, healthcare providers, and public sector agencies, I have experienced the importance that incorporating differing perspectives holds for achieving substantive change and sustainable improvement.

I would like to meet you and share a resource to help student leaders be more successful. Together We Decide provides a practical guide to the concepts and actions that promote effective group decisions.

Email me ( to meet here at the conference on Monday and Tuesday. I can show you the book, and we can discuss how it can support the student leaders at your institution. If we miss each other in Boston, reach out to me to find another time for me to share the book.

Please share your thoughts on how this resource could better reach and support student leaders right here.

Together We Decide is the perfect book for student leaders

“I wish I had this book in my first leadership role; when I had to run my first meeting and navigate my first conflict.”

Ananya Singh, Fourth Year Student, College of the Atlantic

Student leaders express that the tools and techniques in Together We Decide strengthened their confidence and their capability to facilitate group discussions and decisions. Its values and tools are adaptable to various leadership styles and structures. Every student club officer or student government participant could benefit from their Student Affairs or Student Activities office providing this book as a resource.

Together We Decide is An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions

Together We Decide shares the essentials that groups need to make decisions that provide lasting benefits. Practical and authoritative, this friendly guide from Craig Freshley, a veteran group facilitator, identifies proven techniques for collaborative decision-making.

Topics addressed include:

• How to be a collaborative leader

• How to run a meeting and to manage a conflict

• How to listen well and speak with purpose

• Group decision-making steps: from idea to decision to action

• Attitudes that help and hinder group productivity

• Criteria to evaluate decisions

“A practical-minded guidebook for what it takes to find success in teams, boards, organizations, and other groups, public and private. …..not just for leaders and managers, but for any individual who has a desire to contribute positively to their group, community, or team.”

Publishers Weekly  (full review here)

Together We Decide was #1 New Release at Amazon in the following categories: Small Business, Human Resources and Personnel, Political Leadership, Business and Organizational Learning, among others.

It’s been a bestseller on Amazon and in airport bookstores and other retailers across the country.

“Terrific and uplifting. There is a great deal of practical wisdom here for working within an organization of any size. Even better, the book helps you understand the attitudes you and others need to carry into decision-making.”

Doug Bennett, President Emeritus, Earlham College (full review here)