With tips, principles, examples, and stories, Craig Freshley shares the essentials that groups need to make decisions that provide lasting benefits. Practical and authoritative, this friendly guide from a veteran group facilitator is a must-have for those seeking proven techniques for collaborative decision-making.

Board members and senior staff in the nonprofit sector―where there’s often a high expectation of collaboration―and corporate leaders who have a collaborative, inclusive mindset or culture, will find this book particularly valuable.

Freshley’s message is especially pertinent to today’s world: It’s through collaboration, not competition, that groups of the future will create, innovate, and thrive. It is collaboration, not competition that will save us from extinction.

Further, collaborative decision making is a skill that can be successfully learned and practiced. Freshley shows groups how.

In 2023, Together We Decide was a Kirkus Best Book of 2023 and popular in airport bookstores across the country.

Topics include:

• Efficient and productive meetings
• Attitudes that help and hinder group productivity
• Group decision making steps: from idea to decision to action
• The supremacy of group culture
• How to listen well and speak with purpose
• Conflict prevention, management, and resolution
• When to apply which type of decision-making method
• Meeting facilitation theory and techniques

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How fans are getting the most out of Together We Decide

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Foreward Reviews, October 6, 2022

Full review here

“………an insightful social science book that balances practical and ideological advice for successful group decision-making……an inspiring foundation for collaborative leadership in business and beyond.”

Dennis Skinner, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, September 11, 2022

Full review here

“I literally can’t recommend this book highly enough…….I predict this book will be one of those that collects dogears, post-it bookmarks, and margin notes over the years for me as it becomes my go-to work for facilitating good group decisions with my clients. “

Doug Bennett, President Emeritus, Earlham College, September 13, 2022

Full review here

“Terrific and uplifting. There is a great deal of practical wisdom here for working 
within an organization of any size. Even better, the book helps you understand 
the attitudes you and others need to carry into decision-making.”

BookLife by Publishers Weekly, September 7, 2022

Full review here

“…… a practical-minded guidebook for what it takes to find success in teams, boards, organizations, and other groups, public and private. …..not just for leaders and managers, but for any individual who has a desire to contribute positively to their group, community, or team.”

Kirkus Reviews, October 6, 2022

Full review here

“It’s packed with a wealth of inspiring ideas and practical information, taking readers step by step through methods to create good decisions, including five critical attitudes, specific practices and procedures, and ways to surmount disagreements……..A thorough and friendly guide to why group decisions matter.”

Kristna Evans, Book Seller, September 13, 2022

“While I’ve been involved in the publication of a number of books, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited as I am about Craig Freshley’s new book, Together We Decide. This is truly the culmination of a lifetime’s search for how to communicate and work together well in our families, groups, and communities.”

Laird Schaub, Community Networker & Group Process Consultant, August 19, 2022

Full review here

Together We Decide, is chock full of practical advice, peppered with specific examples to ground his concepts….He’s distilled his considerable experience in the field into one volume focused on how to make group decisions more efficient and energizing….it’s a guide for how to think about issues and meetings, and what to take into account…..Craig is the Will Rogers of contemporary group process, who never met a meeting he didn’t like (or couldn’t make better).”

Kristin Arnold, Master Facilitator and Speaker, September 27, 2022

Full review here

“Chock full of practical examples, Freshley describes the mindset needed to move from our US deeply ingrained competitive mindset into a more collaborative situation.”

Joe Wisinski for Readers’ Favorite, August 19, 2022

Full review here

“I serve in leadership positions in several organizations, and I found Together We Decide invaluable……The book is well-written, insightful, and, above all, practical. It’s extremely thorough and seems to address every potential problem situation. Anyone who is a member of any group should read Freshley’s book.”

Bill Webster, Former School Superintendent of Lewiston, Maine, September 17, 2022

“Craig is an expert at bringing people together to find common ground and to make decisions that will be widely supported. This book……will be a most valuable resource for any organization that seeks excellence.”

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The Wisdom of Group Decisions

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