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Understanding and Trust: Both Required

In this quick video Craig explains the spectrum of Understanding to Trust, and how both are required to make good group decisions.

What Craig says in the video is similar to what he says in his Good Group Tip called Trust Takes Over.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi Everybody. Hey it’s Craig here. I want to tell you about this concept that I call “where understanding stops, trust takes over.”

Now when we make group decisions there are — lets say we’re in a meeting or any kind of process making a decision together as a group — there are some people in the group who need to understand everything about it before they’re comfortable deciding. They want all the facts and figures. They want to make sure they’ve explored all the implications and unintended consequences.

There are others in the group who don’t need that. Because of the people involved, because of whoever it is that’s going to implement the decision, they are perfectly happy to just trust even without knowing all of that stuff. It takes all types.

We can think of a spectrum from understanding to trust. And for the highly logical people, before making a decision over here — and let’s say were starting over here — they have to develop lots of understanding and come a long way down this spectrum. But I’m here to tell you that I don’t care how many facts and figures and how much effort is put into data collection, you never have complete understanding and at some point you need to trust and let that carry the rest of the way.

Now other people are fine to say, “Okay I understand a little bit. I understand that Sally is involved and I really trust her and that’s all I have to understand.” And they don’t need…..they’re willing to make the decision right here and they let trust takeover.

All decisions are a combination of understanding and trust.

So those of you who are logical thinkers and want to get as far down this spectrum as you can before making a decision, I’m encouraging you to trust a little bit. And those of you who were quite willing to trust right here and have no patience for the people that need to gather data and information, I’m encouraging you to honor those people that need more information and to hold off a little bit and give them what they need in order to make good decisions. But both types of people — logical people, intuitive people — try to meet in the middle. That’s where we make our best decisions; when they are a combination of both understanding and trust.

Okay that’s it for today. Just wanted to share with you this model of the spectrum of understanding to trust and when understanding stops, let trust take over. Thanks for listing everybody. Here’s hoping that you make good group decisions.

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