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Us over me

Good Group Tips

In principle, the most likely path for a group to be highly productive, happy, and endure over generations is for individuals to put group needs over individual needs.

In western culture we receive many messages that encourage us to put self first, the most likely path to short term gain. In a me-first culture individuals prevail but groups, communities, and species die. Good group decisions require an attitude of us over me.

Practical Tip: In group decision making, be thoughtful about how a decision affects the group as a whole. Whatever would be best for the group, work on that path, vote that way. Consider broad impacts of decisions to other communities and into the future. Apply humility.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Us over me

  1. Some really great replies above from Oz and Ben, two long time fans. Thanks so much guys. And thanks for the links, Oz. Very cool.

  2. Very good message although not too often followed. Unfortunately,many individuals believe their position on a subject is the only position for everyone.

  3. Great tip, thanks Craig. When you base your decision upon the benefits that it will bring for all involved, group members will be more willing to support it. And collaborate to get benefits for all involved.

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