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Use the Screen for Reflecting

In this short video, Craig explains that using projection screens for presentations is over-rated, but using screens for reflecting is key for good group decisions!

This video has captions. To see them, click CC on the video screen.

Here’s what Craig says in the video:

Hey everyone! It’s Craig Freshley here. I’m in a meeting room about to start a meeting but I wanted to take a moment to talk about screens.

Come take a look over here. This screen is prime real estate. It is the most prime real estate in the room and we want to be very thoughtful about how to use this screen during a meeting.

You can use this screen for either presenting or reflecting. Most times, screens like this are used for presenting. I think that that is overrated. When you are in a meeting trying to make good group decisions consider using the screen for reflecting instead.

First of all, when you use the screen for presenting that’s like showing a video or showing a PowerPoint presentation, right? This is what most of us are used to. But if you want to use your screen for reflecting, consider using a software like Word or some other word processing software and, as you go through the meeting, type things on the screen. “Current and future activities;” when we have this discussion I’m going to type their conclusions right on the screen like this and in that way we will be reflecting what the group says rather than presenting to them. With spell check these days it’s really easy to go back and fix your corrections later and I have become good at typing in real time. If you’re not so good at it, you might consider having an assistant help you.

Look you can present material during a meeting in alternative ways — like a handout is a really excellent way — but it’s hard to reflect what’s happening in the meeting in alternative ways. Consider using the screen for that.

I’m going to make more videos on this topic because it’s so important. But for now I just want you to be thoughtful about how to best use this prime real estate: for presenting or reflecting?

Thanks a lot everybody. Here’s hoping that you help your group make good decisions.

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