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What’s next?

In principle, in order to move from one topic to the next we have to have a next topic. Without something else important to do, there is little incentive to change what we are doing.

Strategic plans and meeting agendas are lists of next topics. The meeting facilitator moves the group forward by reminding them of the other important topics to be discussed. It’s not that we want to end this topic because we don’t care about it; it’s just that we need to start the next one.

If you or your group is in a negative place emotionally, the best medicine is often a healthy distraction.

Practical Tip: Have a next step always in mind. Make plans and agendas. Set group and personal development goals.

The skilled meeting facilitator and the effective leader know what’s next and are always prepared to go the next step. One need not always take the next step but, if one is prepared, at least it’s an option. Without a next step, we’re stuck.

– Craig Freshley

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2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. This tip affirms my belief in goals and planning. It is the follow up question to “What’s the Point?” for me.

  2. “What’s next?” is such a wonderfully common-sensical tip, everyone should be aware of it, but it is good to have a guru to tell us to move on!

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