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You can’t uncommunicate

Craig sends a short and simple message from the streets of Portland, Maine — with a horse drawn wagon going by — pause before you post.

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Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody! Hey it’s Craig Freshley here. I am outside city hall, Portland, Maine.

I was in a workshop the other day……Ooh, let’s check this out. Right behind me is a couple horses and a wagon coming up the street…..I was in a workshop the other day. It was about social media and a lady said, “You can’t uncommunicate something.”

You know, once you post that picture or say that comment on the internet you can’t unsay it. You can apologize later, you can explain later, but you can’t uncommunicate.

And similarly, when I’ve heard something or seen something I can’t pretend I haven’t heard it or pretend I haven’t seen it.

So you know where this is leading. Before you post something or say something, think twice. It can’t be undone.

Thanks for listening everybody. I hope you help your group make good decisions out there.

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