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Separate inputs from outcomes

Good Group Tips

In principle, groups make their most creative, win-win decisions when each participant puts in their personal best and no participant thinks they know best for the group. No one of us is smarter than all of us. No one of us is ever entirely responsible.

Practical Tip: Show up, pay attention, give your best, and let go of the outcome. Go into meetings well prepared, with an open mind, and a humble heart. Take full responsibility for playing your part as best you can and don’t take full responsibility for how it all turns out.

– Craig Freshley

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3 thoughts on “Separate inputs from outcomes

  1. This is one of my favorite tips in Craig’s book. A gentle reminder to loosen ones grip on the moment, and go with the group energy – adding where it feels right.

  2. Neat. I agree, and I am reminded of the similar advice/wisdom that the late Mrs. Warren Buffett passed on to her granddaughter, as she told it to NPR in 2006:

    Show up,
    Pay attention,
    Tell the truth,
    Do your best, and
    Don’t be attached to the outcome.

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